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Build your own family membership with our new Child Add on membership.

Child Add-on membership gives you great flexibility on family membership.

You can add a child, or as many as you want, to a single adult membership.

Child Add-on membership includes use of:

  • Splash Pool at Ards (toddlers to 7 year olds)
  • Soft Play at Ards and Comber (toddlers to 7 year olds)
  • Swimming at Ards (public sessions)
  • Gym at all centres (11 to 15 year olds)
  • Group Exercise classes at all centres (where children are permitted)
  • Spa at Ards (for 8 years and over when accompanied by an adult, at restricted times)
  • Health Suite at Comber (for 8 years and over when accompanied by an adult)

Adding a Child to your membership

The Child Add-on membership can be taken out for children who are 15 years old or under and a family member. Proof of age will be required when you apply.

A Child can be added to an Adult, Corporate or Concession (over 60, unemployed or disabled) membership. It cannot be added to a student or youth membership.

The adult member must hold monthly direct debit, 6 or 12 month cash membership for Fitness & Spa, Fitness, Spa or Aqua membership. The Child must be added on the same basis i.e. monthly, 6 or 12 months.

Click Here for Child add on membership prices

Prices from 30 March 2023

Please refer to our Admissions Policy for full details on our memberships and using our facilities.