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Gym at Portaferry

Nestled at the foot of the Ards peninsula, Portaferry Sports Centre has a well equipped gym.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 5pm to 10pm

Saturday 9am to 6pm

Sunday 1pm to 6pm

Safely using our Gym

Using the gym

  • Arrive gym ready as changing facilities will not be available.
  • Water will not be available at the centre, please bring enough water for your visit as refills will not be available. Vending will not be available.
  • A 2 metre distance must be kept at all times in all areas of the gym and regardless of bubbles and friends training at the same time.
  • Please clean the equipment before and after use. The sanitiser provided should be sprayed onto the blue roll and the equipment wiped down. Do not spray directly onto the equipment.
  • For safety reasons the air conditioning will be turned off. Fresh air is pumped into the gym and extracted according to government guidelines. To ensure this works effectively the gym doors must remain closed during sessions.
  • At busy times, limit use of a piece of equipment to a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Gym users must not spot for another member.
  • Heavy weights over 10kg should be cleaned and replaced back on the Squat Rack storage pegs and the Leg Press storage pegs. Do not leave weights on the bar bells.
  • Light weights, clips, accessories and attachments should be left in the quarantine area for sanitization after use.
  • Some equipment such punch bags and battling ropes will not be available.
  • Staff will sanitise during sessions where possible and a complete sanitisation will be carried out in the 15 minute slot between sessions.
  • Programme updates will not be available.
  • Please leave promptly when a staff member announces the end of the session.
  • Exercises that involve traveling around the gym e.g. walking lunges, are not permitted.

The Gym in Portaferry

In Portaferry you'll find a comprehensive range of cardiovascular and resistance equipment including free hand weights, kettlebells, TRX bands and a punch bag.

The cardiovascular (CV) equipment will build and increase your fitness level, stamina and help you lose weight while the resistance equipment tones and strengthens your muscles and joints. 

And remember - our instructors are on hand to give you the very best professional help, advice and encouragement. They will design a regular exercise programme just for you, to help you achieve your goals using all of the gym's equipment

 A specific membership for the use of the gym and classes at Portaferry only is available. It can also be used as a Fitness & Spa or Fitness member or casually as a non member.

The Gym is available to anyone aged 11 or over.

All new customers must have an Induction before using the gym.

Information on using our gym can be found in our Admissions Policy