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The Equipment

Our range of cardiovascular and resistance equipment.

Cardiovascular (CV) Equipment


With its personalised entertainment, engaging digital workouts and advanced features, the EXCITE line of cardiovascular equipment makes training both fun and effective for everyone.

Touchscreen Display

The CV equipment has a console to make your training experience more simple and fun, with a variety of entertainment and training options to keep you motivated.



The SKILL LINE  features multidrive technology, patented technology allowing you to train both cardio and power. SKILL LINE products can help you improve all aspects of your performance by allowing you to train in four different modalities, POWER, SPEED, STAMINA and AGILITY. 

SKILLMILL - non-motorised, meaning your force controls its speed. Switch between resistance-free running to an all-out sled push.

SKILLROW - a rowing machine that trains both cardio and power.

SKILLRUN - meets the training requirements of elite athletes and demanding fitness enthusiasts, allowing the user to combine cardio and power training.

SKILLBIKE - ideal for cycling enthusiasts' and gym-goers, with a vast array of exclusive features perfectly designed for athletic and performance training.

Resistance Equipment


Resistance equipment - will be provided by Technogym's PURE STRENGTH range of plate and pin loaded equipment, reflecting over 30 years spent matching human aspirations with the best form of strength training to reach the highest level of sport performance.

Easy to adjust

Yellow flags guide the correct positioning of the body on the equipment to achieve maximum training effectiveness. Once you have found your ideal setting on one machine, the setting number stays the same on all PURE STRENGTH equipment.

Added comfort and stability

High density padding adapts to the shape of your body providing stability and maximum comfort during exercise.

Ergonomic and effective

For better comfort and safety, the equipment has ergonomic handgrips with a textured surface to distribute the load more evenly, increase the grip, prevent lateral slipping and make push and pull movements more effective and comfortable.