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Six specialist electronic machines offering a personalised workout in 30 minutes.

BIOCIRCUIT is six electronic resistance machines offering a personalised workout to help you achieve your fitness goals in a short amount of time. The guided programme delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time.

The circuit of six machines is everything you need for the best muscle activation imaginable. Quick and effective, less than 30 minutes, your workout is always there for you, ready when you are.

Start Moving - enhance your energy, with increased muscle strength and improved posture.

Lose Weight - raise your metabolic rate by burning more calories and increasing muscle strength.

Tone your Body - look and feel great by toning postural muscles and increasing joint flexibility.

Stay Young - improve body energy, skeletal system and mood with a safe training programme.

Boost Performance - increase athletic performance by improving muscle power with high intensity training.


Juniors are not permitted to use the BIOCIRCUIT.

To book: All inductions can be booked with our Membership Advisor or at the Gym or Centre Reception.

Day Induction Time
Monday 2pm, 3pm and 7pm
Tuesday No Inductions
Wednesday 2pm, 3pm and 7pm
Thursday 11.45am, 2pm, 3pm and 7pm
Friday No Inductions
Saturday 2pm and 3pm
Sunday No Inductions

Only one person is permitted per induction. 

Please ensure you download the "MyWellness app" prior to your induction. BIOCIRCUITS cannot be used without the app. You can download the MyWellness app by clicking here.

The following rules will apply to all inductions.

  • You will be encouraged to use the touch screen whilst doing your induction.
  • Our staff member will wipe down each piece of equipment and screen before and after you use it. Thereafter you will be required to wipe down the equipment before and after us.