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Autism Hands

Autism Friendly Friday

Ards Blair Mayne is Autism Friendly every Friday evening from 6pm to 8pm.

We are Autism Friendly Every Friday Night in Ards!

We are Autism Friendly every Friday evening between 6pm and 8pm at Ards Blair Mayne.

What's does this mean?
During the times above our complex will fall silent of all music within the building (excluding the gym) and all tannoy announcements (apart from emergency evacuation or casualty calls) will be silenced.

Other noises in the building?
All hand dryers and hairdryers in the complex have clearly displayed stickers to show that they may have an affect on any one with autism due to the noise.  Check out our Visitor Guide below for full details.

What is available to use?
All activities within the complex (excluding the gym) will be autism friendly during the times above and can be used and booked in the normal way.

Autism Friendly Splash Pool session
We have a special Autism Friendly Splash pool session from 6.30pm to 8pm every Friday which is for use by any child aged 10 and below who is on the autism spectrum.  This can be booked by clicking the button below. 

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What should I know before my visit?
Check out our PDF document below which will provide you with visuals and details on all areas of our complex and things you may come up against during your visit.

Visitor Guide

What do the emergency alarms sound like?
Click below to hear the alarm sounds you may experience within the complex should there be an emergency situation or need to evacuate the building

Main Alarm

This will sound if there is a potential need to evacuate the building.

Audio file

Emergency Casualty Alarm

This will sound if there is a potential casualty situation somewhere in the building. 

Audio file