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Upcoming Changes to using Membership

Information about new online services, membership and accessing facilities in March 2023.

New Leisure Management System being introduced this March

On 30 March a new Leisure Management system is being introduced at Ards Blair Mayne Wellbeing and Leisure Complex, Comber Leisure Centre and Portaferry Sports Centre. The system will also be used at Londonderry Park.

While every effort is being made to make the transition as smooth as possible, as with all technology it will come with some initial teething issues. We hope you will be patient while our staff get to grips with this new environment.

Highlighted below are the main changes effecting members and the exciting new benefits the new system will bring.

New Membership Applications 20 to 29 March

In preparation for the transfer from the current to the new system, the last date for membership application is 19 March. Application for new memberships will be suspended from Monday 20 March until the new system is operational.

Application for memberships from 30 March will be online only, meaning you can apply from the comfort of your home. Application can be made via this website.

We will continue to process membership cancellations and amendments for current members during this time.

Membership Cards and New Mobile App

Membership Cards

The new system reads barcodes in place of our current magstripe readers, therefore all current membership cards will be replaced.

There will be two options for members:

  • a physical membership card
  • an electronic membership card in our new mobile app

You may have both options if you wish.

Membership Card

If you would like a card, please ask for one at reception from 30 March. Cards will not be available before this date.

Mobile App - Leisure AND

The new Leisure AND mobile app will provide an easy way to access centre services. The app will be available (date to be advised) to download from Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Once downloaded members can then register on it.

To register you will need your membership number and to verify your details, you will be asked for one of the following: your postcode, date of birth or a telephone number. The details you provide must match the details we currently hold for you. Please see the next section for how to update your contact details.

What you can do on your Mobile App

  • Use it to scan into access-controlled facilities or at reception
  • Book exercise classes
  • Book parties
  • Update your contact details
  • Check your bookings
  • Access MyWellness App
  • Access the Swim Portal (for those on swimming lessons)
  • Access centre timetables, opening hours and other useful information
  • Receive the latest news and updates

Further details on accessing and using the App will be communicated in March.

Update Your Contact Details

To register you will need your membership number and to verify your details, you will be asked for one of the following: your postcode, date of birth or a telephone number. 

Your membership number will have been included on a recent letter (to direct debit members) or an email or text.

This information must match the details we currently hold for you.
If any of your contact details have changed, please inform us by submitting this
Member Contact Details Form no later than 19 March.

Gaining access to facilities

Ards Blair Mayne

Members will no longer need to swipe at a kiosk in reception to activate entry to the gym, Spa, soft play or to mark attendance at a class.

Members can go directly to the gym, Spa, Studios and soft play and scan their electronic membership card or physical card at the door to gain access.

Swimming pools and Studios

Access scanners are to be made available at the door to the Aqua Zone and the Studios. Members attending classes must scan at the Studio doors to mark their attendance at the class. Members using the Aqua Zone should scan at the door to mark attendance.

Comber Leisure Centre

Access scanners are to be installed for access to the gym and Heavy Gym, Studio and Health Suite area.

Booking Exercise Classes Online

You can continue to book exercise classes up until 29 March via the current online booking link.

You will not be able to pre book classes for 30 March onwards until the new system becomes live on 30 March

On 30 March the link to the new system will become available online via our website:

You will need to register for online bookings by verifying your member number and contact details (as above in the mobile app section).

Classes will also be bookable via the Leisure AND app.

In the coming weeks we will issue additional communications with further details and guides on how this will work.