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Swimming Lessons - during Covid-19

Find out how our swimming lessons will run in the post lockdown period.

No Lessons

In line with current guidelines the centre is currently closed and no lessons are in operation.

Attending Swimming Lessons

  • Face coverings should be worn by parent/carers at all times while in the complex, including the Aqua Zone. Children do not need to wear masks.
  • To keep the number of people in the complex and Aqua Zone to a minimum, where possible only one parent/guardian should accompany their child/children to lessons.
  • Buggies/prams - to limit cross contamination and congestion in the Aqua Zone, where possible buggies/prams should be left in the foyer outside the Aqua Zone.
  • Swimmers must arrive swim ready. 
  • Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your session time and queue at the main front entrance (orange wall) where your session attendance will be verified by a member of our team.  
  • Please read our new No Outdoor Footwear Policy below.
  • Access to the changing cubicles and lockers will be available and you will be directed to the zone in use at that time by an attendant. Main Pool users will use the red and green zone, Minor Pool users the blue zone.
  • Pre cleanse showers should be used before entering the pool, but showers are not to be used after your swim.
  • Only swimmers are allowed on pool side
  • Spectating - due to the regulations in place, spectators are not permitted in the pool halls at this time. Parents/guardians can wait in the cafe area on the ground floor, in a cubicle or outside the building provided they are contactable at all times.
  • Hairdryers will not be available and must not be brought into the complex for use.
  • Leaving the Aqua Zone - to reduce the number of people at the entrance to the Aqua Zone you should leave the zone via the Minor Pool Fire Exit door. Please make your way to the blue changing area where directional signage will be in place to help you find your way out. An ‘Outdoor Footwear On’ area will be provided outside the exit.

No Outdoor Footwear Policy

To improve the hygiene of the Aqua Zone a No Outdoor Footwear policy is now in place.

Outdoor shoes must be taken off before entering the Aqua Zone. Seats are provided outside the entrance to the zone to sit on to take off your shoes. You may bring ‘clean’ footwear (flipflops, sliders or sandals) to use while in the changing area. Please ensure you bring all your belongings into the zone when ready.

When leaving the Aqua Zone please remember not to put your outdoor shoes on until outside the zone.

Please ensure you read our information on:

Arriving at the complex

In the complex

After Your Activity Session

Keeping You Safe